Women’s Auxiliary of PMA

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Listen to this excellent 50-minute audio documentary by Jeff Biggers, author of Reckoning at Eagle Cree. The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland (Southern Illinois University Press, 2010):

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source: minewar.org

Watch Joann Condellone discuss the remarkable Italian immigrant labor organizer, Katie DeRorre: uofi.box.com/s/v3yzl0yphq5cbbhrdduk4c3eewv38xvn

Tiny White City, five minutes from Mt Olive, was a hotbed of activity of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Progressive Miners of America. This photo (below) is anachronistic but effective. It shows Mother Jones (portayed by Loretta Wiilliams, holding a stick of dynamite and standing on a box of dynamite) alongside a living descendant of a WAPMA member from White City. The White City banner is authentic. Mother Jones died two years befor the WAPMA was created.