A key goal of the Mythic Mississippi Project is to conduct interviews with scholars, heritage practitioners and public figures on particular themes of the project. The interviews conducted to date are interspersed on the relevant web pages. We also provide a list below of interviewees (alphabetized) and their topics for ease of reference. Note the second category of interviews, below, which is called “Labor Heritage.” We think that all of these interviews have significant educational value and will enrich visits to all of the places covered by our project.

Belknap, Lori: Cahokia Mounds site administration

Blandford, Justin: State Historic Sites in Springfield

Fennell, Christopher: New Philadelphia and the Lives of Frank & Lucy McWorter

Iseminger, William: Archaeology of the Cahokia Mounds Site

Kapp, Paul: Historic Preservation

Krupa, Krystiana: NAGPRA and Native American issues in Illinois

Michelson, Bruce: Mark Twain’s Mississippi River

McDonald, Lacy: Alton’s Role in U.S. Racial History and Freedom of the Press

Moore, Luke: Piloting A Barge on the Mississippi River

Pahre, Robert: Perspectives on the National Park Service

Robinson, J. Eric: Underground Railroad in Alton and area
(This interview is used courtesy of Lewis and Clark Community College and its Black Student Union, under coordinator Jared Hennings) 

Robinson-McNeese, Wesley: 1908 Springfield Race Riot Site

Silverman, Helaine and Blandford, Justin: Springfield Horseshoe Sandwich

Silverman, Helaine and Hunter, Devin: The Mythic Mississippi Project

Topash-Caldwell, Blaire: Native American Perspective on Lewis & Clark

Townsend, Tim: Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Wagner, Mark: Fort Kaskaskia (the French fort, the American fort)

Winn, Brad: French Cahokia, French Illinois, and Lewis & Clark

Cecil Roberts, President of United Mine Workers of America

“Fight like hell for the living” (Mother Jones standing next to General Bradley)

Mother Jones: longer speech

General Bradley