Tiny Kampsville is the location of one of the most important archeological research centers in the country. Established in 1953, the Center for American Archeology not only has trained generations of American archeologists and conducted pathbreaking research in the Illinois River Valley, it hosts a museum with outstanding educational programming and immersive experiences for young children through adult ages. The CAA also offers archeological field schools to high school students and adults.  

The CAA’s renowned excavation of the Koster Site.

L: CAA offices in this beautiful building. R: The CAA Museum is in a 1902 building.


Example of a children’s educational program in the museum.




_____________________________________________________________________________             Photos courtesy of the Center for American Archeology.
A note on spelling: archaeology written with an “ae” can be written with an “e” for that work conducted in the United States. The “e” is the preferred spelling in the CAA.