Researchers & Partners

Helaine Silverman (Director, CHAMP, UIUC)
Paul H. Kapp (Associate Director, CHAMP, UIUC)
Devin Hunter (Director, Public History Program, UIS)
Jenny Davis (Anthropology and American Indian Studies)
Christopher Fennell (Anthropology)
Susan Frankenberg (Anthropology and Museum Studies)
Robert Pahre (Political Science)
Cele Otnes (Business Administration)
Laura Payne (Recreation, Sport and Tourism)

Carla Santos (Recreation, Sport and Tourism)
Michael Twidale (iSchool)
Nathan Cooper (History, UIS)
Zev Cossin (Anthropology, UIUC)

Emma Verstraete (Anthropology, UIUC)
Matthew Cocks (Principia College)
Joann Condellone (Mother Jones Museum, Mt Olive)
Kim Davis (History)
Laura Davis (Independent Heritage Consultant)
Hannah Kline (Illinois History Collaborative)
Layne Knoche (Landscape Architect, BLA, UIUC)
Jacob Lulewicz (Washington University)
Andreas Pantazatos (University of Cambridge, UK)
Mike Robinson (Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Penny Schmidt (Alton Main Street)
Ken Snider (Mine No. 5 Winery, Benld)
Kathryn Swanson (Principia College)
Ian Trivers (Washington University)
Dave Tucker (Curator, Gillespie Coal Museum)                                                     Stephanie Young (Principia College and All Town, USA)                                              

Taking our lead from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, this project has a broad vision of its stakeholders. We seek to engage with local communities, local authorities, the State, the private and public tourism sector, cultural organizations, business and industry, NGOs, volunteers, educators, and the scientific and technological communities. We welcome all who wish to partner with us.
A special “shout out” to University of Illinois Extension: We greatly admire the Community and Economic Development offices of Extension and are gratified to be interacting with the CED officers in those regions whose counties coincide with our own areas of interest. Please see: