Ideas For Discussion

We think these perspectives are interesting for those who read our website and we think they are particularly useful to high school teachers working with our lesson plans and their own broadly “social studies” curriculum. We will be adding material in the coming months. Please use the pull-down menu or click on the blue highlighted topic below.

JOANN CONDELLONE (Union Miners Cemetery Board of Trustees and Mother Jones Museum, Mt. Olive): speaking about Miners Day, Mother Jones and the Union Miners Cemetery

LACY MCDONALD (Hayner Library, Alton): speaking about concept of collecting history/history being collected in place

HELAINE SILVEMAN (Co-Director, Mythic Mississippi Project): speaking about cultural identities in Illinois and local town development

NATIVE LEGACY: a recap of the controversy surrounding the use of Native American iconography as team logos

MONUMENTS TOOLKIT: a program to remediate America’s landscape of discriminatory monuments

INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF SITES OF CONSCIENCE: a discussion of several places encompassed by the project that are worthy of being put forward for inscription

WEST FRANKFORT: Already in 1941 the Federal Works Agency described West Frankfort as one of “seven stranded coal towns” and yet the town was still booming years later – indeed, until the demise of the coal industry, largely due to EPA regulations.

ROUTE 66 runs diagonally northeast to southwest through Illinois before crossing the Mississippi River. In Illinois it goes through several of the coal towns including Gillespie and Mt. Olive.

ERIK McDUFFIE: We call attention to this interesting project ( of our colleague,Dr. Erik McDuffie(Department of History, UIUC) and the AAMW multidisciplinary team beyond UIUC ( Parts of their project directly intersect interests of The Mythic Mississippi Project.