Key Ideas

In the course of our interviews with colleagues (distributed on various pages of this website) we have heard them make truly profound statements well worth thinking more about. We have decided to transcribe and collect these ideas and put them on the website as a special feature we are calling “Key Ideas.” Please use the pull-down menu or click on the name in blue to visit each featured speaker.

We think these perspectives are interesting for those who read our website and we think they are particularly useful to high school teachers working with our lesson plans and their own broadly “social studies” curriculum. We will be adding material in the coming months. And recall that the full context of transcribed remarks is found in their interviews.

JOANN CONDELLONE (Union Miners Cemetery Board of Trustees and Mother Jones Museum, Mt. Olive):
Miners Day, Mother Jones and the Union Miners Cemetery

LACY MCDONALD (Hayner Library, Alton):
The concept of collecting history/history being collected in place

more to come