This section of the website concerns the Mississippi River itself. We approach it from the perspective of Mark Twain in the 19th century through our interview with Professor Bruce Michelson (Emeritus, English Department, UIUC), a renowned expert on Mark Twain:
and through our interview with Captain Luke Moore:
who has traveled the length of the river for more than thirty years, piloting the massive Mary Evelyn barge/tow. And we include the October 22, 2022 news about the drastic, record low water levels in the Mississippi River that have backed up nearly 3,000 barges — the equivalent of 210,000 container trucks — on America’s most important inland waterway. Deliveries of corn and soy as well as fuel, coal, industrial chemicals and building materials have been delayed at a cost of many billions of dollars. The situation has continued into November.

  The New York Times, 11.3.22
But in late April-early May 2023: